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iTechRenew offers 

  • Complete service catered to your needs

  • Device buyback program

  • Accurate reconciliation

  • Top return on investment

  • On-time payments

  • Worry-free, industry-standard, secure data wipe across all devices

  • Partnership flex model to fit your specific needs

  • Technology plans for optimal device replacement cycles

  • Responsible recycling/upcycling of devices

Device Buyback

iTechRenew’s on-time payments offer top returns on your tech investment. Our program not only provides top dollar for your expired tech, but we also can recommend, direct, and advise you on your next generation of devices.

Data Security

We know how critical it is to keep your data secure.

Our qualified ITAD team thoroughly wipes any device of all its data, ensuring any sensitive information is no longer accessible by any means.

We make forgetting easy!

Recycling & Reusing

ITAD providers often harvest functional hardware such as RAM sticks, video cards, and other important parts that can be reused to repair other devices.


Smart Solutions for the Highest Return on Investment for Your Inventory of End-of-Life Electronics

Choose iTechRenew for the high value we bring to the products you no longer need or use.
Our experienced techs know how to give you the most value.
Whether it’s recycling, reselling or repairing – iTechRenew is the right choice!

iTechRenew consistently delivers the highest quality customer service available. There’s a reason everyone trusts iTech Renew.


We Provide Sustainable Technology

Helping schools, businesses, and organizations maximize the value of aged and obsolete technology.

Asset Disposition & Recovery

iTech Renew practices an environmentally-friendly approach to reuse, recycle, repair, repurpose, or dispose of obsolete tech. There are three main practices involved in ITAD.

Repair & Refurbishing

iTech Renew offers a cost-effective repairing solution for all hardware needs. We service a wide variety of tech, including mobile devices and all Apple and Windows computers in any condition. Our tech experts are some of the world’s most qualified professionals that have extensive knowledge on how to repair and refurbish both common and uncommon technology.

Remarketing & Pricing Intelligence

We use a sophisticated remarketing and AI pricing tool capable of producing in-depth analysis of real-time market value and a full-spectrum customer targeting strategy to ensure your items are seen by relevant customers who will pay the real value of your hardware.


What People Say About iTechRenew

Sandy Blaire

@ School Administrator | 1 year ago

When I first approached iTechRenew, I didn’t even know where to start. We had years and years of expired inventory stored in the back of closets that we couldn’t use - but couldn’t dispose of either. iTechRenew took us under their wing, and in no time, not only did we have extra closet space, but we had extra funds to spend on new, up-to-date devices for our students!.

Tony Reedman

@CEO | 1 year ago

In today’s business world, it’s a never-ending cycle when it comes to keeping up with the electronics our team needs to stay on top in our field. With iTechRenew, I can sleep at night when we send our expired devices down the river through them. Firstly because I know that someone somewhere is happy to have these devices, so they don’t go to waste, but also because I can rest assured that none of our business’s private information can be scraped off the devices we recycle. Our confidence in iTechRenew and the work it does makes us proud partners in helping those in need helping ourselves to continue to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world out there.

Amanda Anderson

@Business manager | 1 year ago

In our line of work, our devices are our lifeblood. iTechRenew recognized this from day one. The recycling program they offered, along with the repairs and maintenance for devices that are still useful, was a godsend to our business. We have gone through several updates with iTechRenew steering the boat so we don’t get lost at sea. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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