iTechRenew About Us

About Us

We Provide Sustainable Technology

iTechRenew works with you to create a strong ongoing strategy, maximize value in your tech investment, and increase productivity for all your devices. Let iTechRenew responsibly recycle devices. Prevent e-waste and effortlessly provide another life for products that are obsolete for you but can bridge the technology gap for others, who will be able to take advantage of the remaining significant useful life of these tech products.

Assets Dispositions & Recovery

iTech Renew practices an environmentally-friendly approach to reuse, recycle, repair, repurpose, or dispose of obsolete tech. There are three main practices involved in ITAD.

Repair & Refurbishing

iTech Renew offers a cost-effective repairing solution for all hardware needs. We service a wide variety of tech, including mobile devices and all Apple and Windows computers in any condition. Our tech experts are some of the world’s most qualified professionals that have extensive knowledge on how to repair and refurbish both common and uncommon technology.

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